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  1. We Need Troops (Imperial Guard Application - Mod/Support)

    Empire Cheats is in need of more Imperial Guard members. Application positions are limited. We believe we will need no more than 1-2 additional moderators at this time. 

    This position includes the following responsibilities: 
    Moderating the forums for rule violations, issuing warnings appropriately.  Helping members in the various help sections.  Taking it upon yourself to review our help information and learn about our various offerings.  Staying current on all new products we offer. Responding to support inquiries in a timely manner. Eligibility: 
    You must have used a tool that we offer and proven capable to use and support it You must be over 18 years old You must be able to troubleshoot problems - windows experience is required Compensation: 
    There will be a revenue share system in place. The details are still being worked but we are thinking roughly 10% of profits will be split among imperial Guard.  Tools at cost. We will provide you with tools at our cost.  Expectations: 
    Be able to be online several hours a day. This can be intermittent, but if you go 2-3 days and just don't show up without letting us know somethings up, we cant afford to waste your spot when there are people who will show up to help.   
    If you think you are a fit, please submit an application. Please include: 
    Discord information if your profile is not linked What experience you have regarding cheats What games you cheat on what cheats you use Your technical proficiency (specifically as it relates to windows machines) Your age Any other forum usernames (TTG, ePVP, OwnedCore, EpicNPC, etc) and your rank there Any other Moderator or Support experience. 

    Position: Imperial Guard

    Number of places: 1

    Applicants: 11


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