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  1. PRICING: One Day: $10 One Week: $20 One Month: $40 LIFETIME: $240 +Support Windows 10 and 11 (1909-22H2) all systems. +Support AMD and INTEL CPU +Automatic Updates for Game and AC Updates +RICOCHET AC INCLUDED Features:
  2. 1. Get a VPN and set it to Germany 2. Go to xitroo.com 3. Make a Blizzard account in Germany with the email from step 2 4. Go to any game on the Blizzard store and go to buy it 5. Press on SEPA Debit for the payment method 6. Go to https://fake-it.ws/de/ and put in the IBAN where it tells you to on the Blizzard site 7. Buy the game If the game comes off the account, just rebuy it with the payment method saved. Have to use incognito in google chrome NOW PLEASE JOIN MY DISC: https://discord.gg/23TKFN78HH
  3. Discord Termed as were my accounts. THis will take a bit to rebuild. Bear with us. Links will be posted but in the meantime use the forums here.
  4. Hello - unfortunately - the black tools are limited to 4 HWID resets per month. That means you could switch devices 4x/month. They are meant to be used on one device.
  5. Instant Camo Unlocker! (Dark Aether) MAX XP (50,000 Game and 15,000 Weapon) Weapon Changer (Auto Cycle and Give Weapon) This is the tool you've all been asking for. Reworked in a more stable, secure loader - run more lobbies, more efficiently. Stay Safer! PRICING: 24 Hour: $35 LIFETIME: $150 +Support Windows 10, 8, 7 +ALL CPU / GPU Supported +SAFE - SIMPLE - EXTERNAL - PRIVATE Main Options _______________________________________________________________________ All Of These Options Are Fo
  6. Places: 1

    Applicants: 11

    Empire Cheats is in need of more Imperial Guard members. Application positions are limited. We believe we will need no more than 1-2 additional moderators at this time. This position includes the following responsibilities: Moderating the forums for rule violations, issuing warnings appropriately. Helping members in the various help sections. Taking it upon yourself to review our help information and learn about our various offerings. Staying current on all new products we offer. Responding to support inquiries in a timely manner. Eligibility: You must have used a tool that we offer and proven capable to use and support it You must be over 18 years old You must be able to troubleshoot problems - windows experience is required Compensation: There will be a revenue share system in place. The details are still being worked but we are thinking roughly 10% of profits will be split among imperial Guard. Tools at cost. We will provide you with tools at our cost. Expectations: Be able to be online several hours a day. This can be intermittent, but if you go 2-3 days and just don't show up without letting us know somethings up, we cant afford to waste your spot when there are people who will show up to help. If you think you are a fit, please submit an application. Please include: Discord information if your profile is not linked What experience you have regarding cheats What games you cheat on what cheats you use Your technical proficiency (specifically as it relates to windows machines) Your age Any other forum usernames (TTG, ePVP, OwnedCore, EpicNPC, etc) and your rank there Any other Moderator or Support experience.
  7. We Accept Various Payment Methods - Payment Methods Vary BY ITEM FOR ALL TOOLS: ApplePay Credit Card Debit Card If you pay with Card on the store: There is a fraud prevention system in place and it requires that you enter a valid name and a valid billing address that matches their card/bank details. It also requires you to enter a valid phone number that is not VOIP, be sure it is a real phone number. It is also important that you do not use a VPN or proxy as it will cause the payment to decline. If your payment fails you need to cal yo
  8. A lot of you are coming form the server - and we know we have some work to do to get you your roles. We are working on the best way to do that. This may end up being a ticket request system. We will update this thread when we have more info.
  9. Forum Rules 1. Do not spam Avoid posting or replying to threads with content unrelated to the thread or area of posting. This includes bumping threads in order for a thread to receive more attention. Do not bump old threads unless you have a relevant response for the thread. 2. Do not use inappropriate / offensive language We try to keep a friendly environment. Therefore, very vulgar language is not allowed. Try and be nice to everyone. Any language used with the purpose to offend someone will be removed. 3. Be respectful to other visitors, VIPs and staff We try
  10. Welcome to EmpireCheats.net. We hope your stay is pleasant. We strive to bring you the best game enhancements, cheats, hacks, and tools that the market can offer. We strive to do this at fair prices and with outstanding support. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
  11. MAX PRESTIGE and MAX ALL WEAPON LEVEL LOBBY Join a lobby, process takes 30-45 minutes. 1 Person: $50 2 Persons: $75 3 Persons: $90 --People have to start at the same time to get multi person deal ________________________________________________________________ DM Ultra Multiplayer/Dark Aether Zombies All Camos Package with Rank 1000 and Max Weapon Levels Service Now Available How the Ordering Process Works: - You must provide us your PSN or Xbox Login Information to process your order (Fill out form on the next page). - PC Players must create a PSN or Xbox Accou
  12. Aimbot/Flick New Smooth Humanized Tracking Advanced Flick Mode Adjust X and Y-axis position Change FOV Change X and Y smooth values Change bone values: closest, body, or head Lock target (aimbot, only focus on that 1 enemy while holding aim key) Custom Aimkey for all heroes Auto shoot Custom Aimkey for all heroes Change aim type (flick) exponential or linear Lockmouse (flick) Auto upscope (flick) ESP/WALLHACK 2D Box (larger than the previous version, character size) Vise-check Name tag of heroes Visible check color (enemy out of sight no color, visible enemy
  13. WOW ROTATION BOT PRICES +Trial - One Week - 15€ +Monthly - 30 Days - 30€ +Lifetime - VIP - 300€ + Advanced Development + Updated Often + Customizable + TOP DAMAGE + PERFECT Rotations + Maximum Security + 0 Detections! + No DLL Injections, NO LUA unlocks, No Memory Access + 100% External - Pixel Based + Unique, Private Builds + Easy Install - Plug & Play SMART FEATURES "-Smart Arena + PVP Kicks (Situational! - Detects events like stopping damage to allies or stopping heals)" "-Smart AOE Rotation (Situational! - Knows how many enemies and
  14. SQUAD - BLUE - UNDETECTED PRICING: One Day: $15 One Week: $40 One Month: $80 +Support Windows 10 (1909-20H2) all systems. +Support INTEL CPU ONLY +Automatic Updates for Game and AC Updates +SPOOFER INCLUDED Features: +AIMB0T Highly configurable! Visibility checks Bone selection Humanized smoothing Lock target FOV Multiple aimbot keys +PLAYER ESP Highly configurable! Friendly check Toggle team Toggle squad Bones Health Distance Visibility checks +ESP Highly configurable! Ammo crates Deployables FOB radios
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